USA Veterans Champion!

Our own Ilias became the 2018 USA Champion in the veterans category. Ilias came from behind twice to capture his first Veteran’s National Championship. After Peter Alegi (Grand Rapids T.S.C.) took a 2-1 lead in the second half, Ilias found an equalizer and then another late goal, to win 3-2.

Click at the two links below to watch the two halves of the championship match.

First Half

Second Half

Flicko De Mayo 2018

Chicago United TSC participated in the 2018 Flicko De Mayo tournament (ASA Open, FISTF Satellite, WASPA) in which our club was represented by three players.
Our club took 2nd and 3rd place in the individual competition and won the Great lakes Cup Team Challenge.
Congratulations to Peter Alegi for winning the individual competition and to the Grand Rapids TSC for hosting such a great event.


Alex Galarza – Chris Sweetland 1-1
Paul Pate – Joe Legatz 2-1
Erik Haefke – Ilias Gikas 4-1

Pate – Sweetland 0-1
Haefke – Legatz 3-0
Peter Alegi – Gikas 3-0

Galarza – Legatz 0-0
Haefke – Alegi 1-1
Sweetland – Gikas 1-5

Alegi – Galarza 3-0
Pate – Gikas 0-5
Sweetland – Legatz 3-0

Galarza – Haefke 0-3
Alegi – Pate 3-0
Legatz – Gikas 1-6

Gikas – Galarza 3-0
Pate – Haefke 0-2
Sweetland – Alegi 0-5

Galarza – Pate 0-1
Haefke – Sweetland 2-1
Legatz – Alegi 0-4

Haefke 2, Gikas 1
Alegi 4, Sweetland 0

Alegi 5, Haefke 1


Chicago 2, Grand Rapids 1
(Alegi 5, Haefke 2)
(Gikas 6, Pate 1)
(Sweetland 3, Legatz 0)


East Lansing Invitational 2017

Chicago United TSC participated in the East Lansing invitational in Michigan. It was a great event in which 4 players participated and our club took 2nd place.


Joe – Peter 0-3
Paul – Ilias 0-3
Peter – Paul 4-0
Ilias – Joe 4-1
Peter – Ilias 3-1
Paul  -Joe 2-0


American Subbuteo National League (Round 2)

Chicago United T.S.C. participated in round 2 of the 2017 American Subbuteo National League in Rockford, MI. This event was a continuation of round 1 that took place in Chicago in February 2017.

Pate vs. ODR 0-4
Cranston vs. Tillman 3-0
Legatz vs. Haefke 0-3
Tumminaro vs. Alegi 0-3
Passadore vs. Ambrosio 6-0

Pate vs. Tillman 1-6
ODR vs. Haefke 2-0
Cranston vs. Alegi 2-1
ODR vs. Ambrosio 3-0
Tumminaro vs. Passadore 1-5

Pate vs. Haefke 0-3
Tillman vs. Alegi 0-0
Legatz vs. Ambrosio 0-2
Haefke vs. Tillman 2-6
Tumminaro vs. Cranston 0-7

Pate vs. Alegi 0-5
Alegi vs. Haefke 3-0
Tillman vs. Legatz 4-0
Passadore vs. ODR 1-4

Haefke vs. Ambrosio 4-1
Cranston vs. Passadore 6-1
Legatz vs. Tumminaro 0-6
Pate vs. Ambrosio 1-1

Tillman vs. Passadore 6-0
ODR vs. Tumminaro 3-0
Cranston vs. Legatz 2-0

Alegi vs. Passadore 1-0
Haefke vs. Tumminaro 3-1

Haefke vs. Cranston 1-4
Tillman vs. ODR 2-0
Pate vs. Passadore 0-7

Ambrosio vs. Cranston 1-4
Alegi vs. ODR 1-1
Pate vs. Legatz 2-0

Pate vs. Tumminaro 1-2
Passadore vs. Legatz 9-0
Ambrosio vs. Tillman 0-4
Alegi vs. Legatz 5-0

ODR vs. Cranston 0-2
Ambrosio vs. Tumminaro 0-5

Ambrosio vs. Alegi 1-5
Pate vs. Cranston 1-5
Legatz vs. ODR 0-6
Tumminaro vs. Tillman 1-7

Passadore vs. Haefke 4-3

American Subbuteo Association Nationals 2017

Chicago United TSC participated in the 2017 American Subbuteo Association Nationals.

Players from nine states made it to the Grand Rapids area and the event featured six current and former Team USA World Cup members.
Open category

Mike Tillman and Dario Passadore qualified for the semifinals where they faced our own Tim Tumminaro and the favorite Daniel Cranston, respectively. In the semi-finals, Cranston defeated Passadore 5-2 and Tillman beat Tumminaro 5-1. In the championship game, Cranston beat Tillman 3-2 win and claimed his third national title and his first since 2011.
Veterans category

Our own Erik Haefke, Peter Alegi, and Paul O’Donovan Rossa reached the semifinals along with in-form Passadore. O’Donovan Rossa beat Passadore in penalty shots while Alegi edged out Haefke 4-3. In the final, O’Donovan Rossa beat Alegi 1-0 in overtime.

Flicko De Mayo 2017

Chicago United TSC participated in the 2017 Flicko de Mayo in Grand Rapids, MI.

The round-robin format ensured plenty of matches for everyone.

Team victory for Grand Rapids
The top three finishers were decided only after the 7th and final round. Peter Alegi edged out Ilias Gikas 2-1 to win the championship. Tim Tumminaro defeated Chris Sweetland 3-2 to take third place thanks to the 1-1 draw between Paul Pate and Alex Galarza. Joe Legatz showed continued improvement in his first year of competitive play, scoring some fine goals against far more experienced players.

Special mention must be made of the mesmerizing match between Ilias and Tim. In this goal fest Tim drew level at 5-5 with 30 seconds left, but Ilias miraculously scored the winner with time running out: 6-5!

The 2017 Great Lakes Team Cup Challenge capped a wonderful day of action. Grand Rapids won the trophy on goal difference with these scores: Peter-Ilias 3-0, Alex-Tim 0-1, Paul-Chris 0-0.


Gikas-Galarza 4-1
Tumminaro-Pate 1-0
Legatz-Alegi 0-4

Sweetland-Gikas 1-7
Pate-Legatz 4-1
Galarza-Alegi 0-6

Gikas-Legatz 8-0
Galarza-Tumminaro 1-0
Sweetland-Alegi 0-5

Gikas-Tumminaro 6-5
Alegi-Pate 4-1
Sweetland-Legatz 2-0

Gikas-Pate 2-0
Galarza-Sweetland 0-0
Legatz-Tumminaro 1-3

Pate-Sweetland 2-1
Galarza-Legatz 1-0
Alegi-Tumminaro 6-1

Alegi-Gikas 2-1
Pate-Galarza 1-1
Sweetland-Tumminaro 2-3

Alegi 18 points (27 Goals For 3 Goals Against)
Gikas 15 (28-9)
Tumminaro 9 (13-16)
Galarza 8 (4-11)
Pate 7 (8-10)
Sweetland 4 (6-17)
Legatz 0 (2-16)

American Subbuteo National League (Round 1)

Chicago United TSC in partnership with the American Subbuteo Association hosted round 1 of the first ever American Subbuteo National League.

The Venue

All matches were held at our club’s headquarters at Step Ahead Sports at 401 Remington, Bolingbrook, IL.

The tournament

All players were into one single group and each player played everybody else once.

The participants were Peter Alegi, Max Ambrosio, Graig Cousino, Dan Cranston, Erik Hafke, Paul O’Donovan Rossa, Dario Passadore, Paul Pate, Ilias Gikas, Mike Tillman, Tim Tumminaro.

The Scores

Cranston – Tillman 2-0
Haefke – Cousino 2-0
Alegi – Tumminaro 2-0
Pate – O’Donovan Rossa 0-3

Passadore – Ambrosio 1-0
Tillman – Pate 7-0
Haefke – O’Donovan Rossa 1-0
Cranston – Alegi 4-2

Ambrosio – Cousino 1-1
Haefke – Pate 4-0
Tillman – Alegi 1-0
Tumminaro – Gikas 0-6

O’Donovan Rossa – Ambrosio 6-0
Passadore – Tumminaro 3-3
Cousino – Gikas 1-2
Alegi – Pate 2-0

Haefke – Ambrosio 3-1
O’Donovan Rossa – Gikas 2-3
Cranston – Passadore 4-4
Tumminaro – Cousino 2-1

Passadore – Tillman 0-0
Ambrosio – Pate 3-0
Haefke – Gikas 0-2
O’Donovan Rossa – Tumminaro 5-1

Passadore – Alegi 1-0
Cranston – Cousino 3-0
Haefke – Tumminaro 4-1
Ambrosio – Gikas 1-2

Tillman – Cousino 7-0
Gikas – Pate 6-0
Cranston – O’Donovan Rossa 3-2
Tumminaro – Ambrosio 1-0

Alegi – Cousino 6-0
Cranston – Haefke 3-0
O’Donovan Rossa – Tillman 2-0
Passadore – Pate 4-0

Alegi – O’Donovan Rossa 1-1
Haekfe – Tillman 0-0
Passadore – Gikas 2-1
Cranston – Pate 4-0

Tumminaro – Pate 2-1
Passadore – Cousino 6-0
Tillman – Ambrosio 3-0
Cranston – Gikas 7-1

Alegi – Haefke 3-2
Cousino – Pate 0-0
Cranston – Tumminaro 7-0
O’Donovan Rossa – Passadore 0-0

Alegi – Ambrosio 4-1
Cranston – Pate 3-0
Gikas – Tillman 1-2
O’Donovan Rossa – Cousino 5-0

Tillman – Tumminaro 7-0
Haefke – Passadore 1-0
Alegi – Gikas 2-0

Passadore/Alegi vs. Ambrosio/Tumminaro 2-0
Haefke/Gikas vs ODR/Cranston 2-1

Passadore/Alegi vs. Haefke/Gikas 2-1 OT (1-1)

2016 ASA Nationals and the 2016 US FISTF International Open

Chicago United TSC participated in the 2016 Nationals Weekend
Christian Filippella took the honors of the 2016 ASA National Open Championship, and the 2016 US FISTF International Open, August 6 & 7 in Columbia, MD.

​Twenty three players competed in the National Championships. Filippella moved smoothly through his group, and increased his level of play as needed until he fittingly met his most significant challenge from a determined Daniel Cranston. Michael Tillman and Paul O’Donovan Rossa made fine runs to the semi final stage. By his own admission, Cranston started off with some below par defensive flicks in the Open final. The precision of Filippella was rewarded, and a 3-1 victory was comfortable and well deserved.

In the Veterans category there were several strong candidates to win. Old rivals Gregg Deinhart and Paul Eyes would meet in one semi final, with Deinhart winning 2-1 in regulation thanks to a controlled and focused performance. The semi final between Dario Passadore and our own Ilias Gikas went to overtime, with Passadore scoring a dramatic winner in overtime to progress.

The final was a clash of styles between the speedy and dangerous Passadore, and the patient build up play of Deinhart. Deinhart won the title with a fine shot in overtime to win 2-1.

The weekend also saw the return of a U19 competition for the first time since 2012, with Grant Lilly defeating Joey Peters 1-0 to win the event, and the traditional Sunday FISTF event with 19 players. The high level of play by Cranston and Filippella was again met with little resistance until they met in the final. Varant Kurkeyerian would scare Cranston in the Quarter Finals with a narrow 0-1 loss in a fine performance. Passadore continued his playing progression by reaching the semi finals, and Patrick Sheridan had his best performance of the weekend before running into Cranston in the semis. The final game was a closer affair than the Saturday match. Filippella maintained his exceptional level, but Cranston raised his level of play from Saturday to give a more satisfying performance. The final score of 2-0 to Filippella was reflective of a high level game.

Flicko De Mayo 2016

Chicago United TSC participated in the Flicko De Mayo tournament that was a FISTF Satellite/ASA/WASPA event and won the first team title in its history!
There were a total of 9 players from Illinois, Iowa, Florida, Maryland, and Michigan made up a very competitive field that included five of the top 12 players in the ASA rankings.

After the first round of group play, two groups of three players were formed in the championship bracket and one in the consolation bracket. Defending champion Erik Haefke beat Dario Passadore 2-0 in a key Group A match to earn his third consecutive Flicko de Mayo final. In a reprise of their first round clash, Cranston defeated Haefke 5-2. Passadore took third place with a solid 3-2 win over in-form Ilias Gikas. Tim Tumminaro won the consolation group.

A highlight of the weekend was our club’s win in the inaugural Great Lakes Cup team challenge: a decisive 2-0 victory over host Grand Rapids TSC. It was great weekend of table soccer, sportsmanship, and camaraderie!


First Round Group Stage

Group A
Passadore-Pate 5-0
Gikas-Passadore 1-4
Pate-Gikas 1-4

Group B
Alegi-Tumminaro 5-0
Fila-Alegi 0-1
Tumminaro-Fila 0-4

Group C
Cranston-Galarza 4-0
Haefke-Cranston 2-5
Galarza-Haefke 0-3

Second Round Group Stage

Group A
Fila-Haefke 4-7
Passadore-Haefke 0-2
Passadore-Fila 3-1

Group B
Cranston-Gikas 6-2
Alegi-Gikas 2-2
Cranston-Alegi 4-0

Consolation Group
Tumminaro-Galarza 3-1
Tumminaro-Pate 3-1
Galarza-Pate 0-2

Championship Final
Cranston-Haefke 5-2

3d Place final
Passadore-Gikas 3-2

Great Lakes Cup Team Challenge

Chicago Utd 2-0 Grand Rapids
⁃ Haefke 5 Alegi 3
⁃ Gikas 5 Fila 2
⁃ Tumminaro 0 Pate/Galarza 0

Club meeting Feb 2016

Chicago United TSC had its first club meeting for 2016. It was a great get together for club members that was followed by a WASPA event.
In the first match, Tim Tumminaro and Ilias Gikas ended up on a 2-2 tie. It was a very exciting match with lots of action on both ends of the pitch. Tim scored first but Ilias came back with two goals to take a 2-1 lead. Tim saved the best for last when he tied the match 2-2 with an excellent goal.
In the second match, Ilias beat Rocco Ysaguirre 6-0 and in the final match Tim beat Rocco 3-0.
Since goal differential did not matter, the eventual winner was determined in a shootout between Tim and Ilias in which Ilias won 2-1.

ASA Nationals 2015

Chicago United TSC hosted the 2015 ASA Nationals. The week-end was fantastic with players traveling from several States to try to become national champion. Zach Walker of Colorado became champion again.
On the Sunday, our club hosted tournament that was counting as both FISTF Open and WASPA regional tournament. 18 players took part, including England’s Colin Tarry. Daniel Cranston from Maryland defeated Zach Walker in the final. Michael Tillman and Paul Eyes were the semi-finalists. The event was a great success.

Club meeting June 2015

Chicago United TSC hosted a meeting that was followed by a WASPA event.

It was a fun night and the club members who attended had a chance to exchange ideas about the club and Subbuteo table soccer in general.

Six club members participated in the WASPA tournament. In group A it was Peter Alegi, Chris Sweetland and Tony Kees. In group B it was Ilias Gikas, Tim Tumminaro and Roderick Ysaguirre.

The results from group A were
Alegi vs Sweetland 4-0
Alegi vs Kees 3-0
Sweetland vs Kees 2-0

The results from group B were
Gikas vs Tumminaro 3-1
Gikas vs Ysaguirre 4-0
Tumminaro vs Ysaguirre 3-0

The group standings were:

Group A
Alegi 6 points
Sweetland 3 points
Kees 0 points

Group B
Gikas 6 points
Tumminaro 3 points
Ysaguirre 0 points

The top two players from each group advanced to the semifinals. The scores of the semifinals were
Alegi vs Tumminaro 2-1
Gikas vs Sweetland 5-1

The final featured Peter Alegi vs Ilias Gikas. Peter dominated the match from start to finish and won easily 4-1.

Chicago May Open

Chicago United TSC player Ilias Gikas won the “Chicago May Open” a WASPA event that also included our own Chris Sweetland and Stephen Rizzo (JSC Rochefort).
The results:
Rizzo – Sweetland 1-0
Gikas – Rizzo 3-2
Gikas – Sweetland 4-1

Flicko De Mayo 2015

Chicago United TSC participated in the 2015 Flicko De Mayo. In the semi-finals, Dario Passadore from Florida pulled off a 3-2 win against our own Ilias Gikas while our own Erik Haefke won an open encounter with Marcus Fila 5-2.

The final saw Alegi down two quick goals, but he recovered to tie 2-2 before a further marker from Haefke put the Chicago United TSC player ahead at half time. The second half saw no further scoring until around 15 seconds from time, when Alegi scored the equaliser. To no avail, however, as Haefke walked off with the trophy by scoring the golden goal four minutes into overtime.

Group A: Alegi 8 Pate 1, Fila 7 Galarza 0, Alegi 3-0F Galarza, Fila 3 Pate 3, Alegi 2 Fila 0, Pate 3-0F Galarza.
Group B: Passadore 5 Sweetland 0, Haefke 3 Ewer 0, Gikas 4 Sweetland 0, Passadore 0 Ewer 1, Gikas 4 Ewer 2, Passadore 1 Haefke 3, Gikas 3 Haefke 5, Ewer 1 Sweetland 2, Gikas 2 Passadore 3, Haefke 4 Sweetland 0.

Group A
Peter Alegi ……….. 3 3-0-0 13-1 9
Marcus Fila ………. 3 1-1-1 10-5 4 (GD, forfeits excluded)
Paul Pate ………….. 3 1-1-1 7-11 4
Alex Galarza ……… 3 0-0-3 0-13 0

Group B
Erik Haefke ……….. 4 4-0-0 15-4 12
Dario Passadore … 4 2-0-2 9-6 6 (H2H 3-2)
Ilias Gikas …………. 4 2-0-2 13-10 6
Chris Sweetland … 4 1-0-3 2-14 3 (H2H 2-1)
Mike Ewer ………… 4 1-0-3 4-9 3

Consolation Final
Gikas 5 Pate 0

Alegi 2 Passadore 0
Haefke 5 Fila 2

Haefke 4 Alegi 3 (AET)