Chicago United TSC participated in the Flicko De Mayo tournament that was a FISTF Satellite/ASA/WASPA event and won the first team title in its history!
There were a total of 9 players from Illinois, Iowa, Florida, Maryland, and Michigan made up a very competitive field that included five of the top 12 players in the ASA rankings.

After the first round of group play, two groups of three players were formed in the championship bracket and one in the consolation bracket. Defending champion Erik Haefke beat Dario Passadore 2-0 in a key Group A match to earn his third consecutive Flicko de Mayo final. In a reprise of their first round clash, Cranston defeated Haefke 5-2. Passadore took third place with a solid 3-2 win over in-form Ilias Gikas. Tim Tumminaro won the consolation group.

A highlight of the weekend was our club’s win in the inaugural Great Lakes Cup team challenge: a decisive 2-0 victory over host Grand Rapids TSC. It was great weekend of table soccer, sportsmanship, and camaraderie!


First Round Group Stage

Group A
Passadore-Pate 5-0
Gikas-Passadore 1-4
Pate-Gikas 1-4

Group B
Alegi-Tumminaro 5-0
Fila-Alegi 0-1
Tumminaro-Fila 0-4

Group C
Cranston-Galarza 4-0
Haefke-Cranston 2-5
Galarza-Haefke 0-3

Second Round Group Stage

Group A
Fila-Haefke 4-7
Passadore-Haefke 0-2
Passadore-Fila 3-1

Group B
Cranston-Gikas 6-2
Alegi-Gikas 2-2
Cranston-Alegi 4-0

Consolation Group
Tumminaro-Galarza 3-1
Tumminaro-Pate 3-1
Galarza-Pate 0-2

Championship Final
Cranston-Haefke 5-2

3d Place final
Passadore-Gikas 3-2

Great Lakes Cup Team Challenge

Chicago Utd 2-0 Grand Rapids
⁃ Haefke 5 Alegi 3
⁃ Gikas 5 Fila 2
⁃ Tumminaro 0 Pate/Galarza 0